Prior to Play

  • Arrive at least fifteen minutes early to check-in at the Golf Shop. 
  • If you cannot meet your tee-time booking please contact the Golf Shop to cancel.
  • Subject to other cancellations, you may be asked to change playing groups. 
  • Collect a sand bucket from areas adjacent to the 1st and 10th tees 
  • Be ready to play when it is your time to tee off

The Fairway

  • Walk directly to your ball unless you reach someone else’s ball first. 
  •  Place your bag or cart near you when hitting. 
  • Take no more than one practice swing. 
  • Player furthest from the hole usually plays first, but golfers out of range of the group in front can play first, if ready.
  • Sand your divot, and others you may see whilst walking the fairways.
  • Walk briskly between shots and be ready to play when it is your turn. 
  • Keep Pace with the group in front of you at all times. 
  • Assist playing partners when needed by bringing clubs, finding lost balls, etc. 
  • Adhere to motorised cart rules at all times. 

On the Tee 

  • Mark your ball so that you can identify it. 
  • Hit ONLY when golfers ahead of you are out of range. 
  • Stand still and facing other golfers while they are hitting. 
  • Watch where all balls go to avoid time spent looking for lost balls. 
  • Yell the warning “FORE!” if your ball is heading toward another golfer. 
  • Sand your divot. 

On the Green

  •  Place your bag or cart between the green and the next tee. 
  •  Take all clubs that you may need. 
  • Repair your own ball marks and others. 
  •  Avoid stepping on another player’s putting line. 
  •  Players begin putting when all balls are on the green. 
  • The person furthest away from the hole putts first. 
  • On long putts, have another player attend the flagstick. 
  • Mark your ball if it is in the path of another player’s ball. 
  • Record all scores on the next tee.