Impact is the most important position in golf and one that I see lots of members and instructors trying to work on and so they should.

However, I believe you need to earn the right to work on impact.

By that I mean you need to ensure you have prepared the clubface and club itself for impact. It is no good trying to achieve a professional looking impact position if your clubface doesn’t support that movement.

How your wrists work in the golf swing has a direct influence on what the clubface position is and you cannot achieve good impact without the clubface being square. See the image below, the golfer on the right has the left wrist extended and the clubface open – trying to rotate your hips and have your hands slightly in front of the clubface at impact will have you hitting balls miles to the right.

To benefit from working on your impact position you need to ensure your wrists/clubface are working properly. The latest technology from Hack Motion is a great way to understand, feel and train the correct motion.

Why not try Hack Motion in a golf lesson with me today.

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