Hopefully club members are enjoying watching some of Australia’s leading young professionals playing at Mount Lawley this week. It is a great opportunity to look at what they are doing and pick some things to learn from.

The practice tee is a great place to observe not only how they warm up but also some of the things that are common amongst good players, specifically impact. Good players are hitting down on the ball through impact with irons, this is evident in the divot patterns left behind, they are not massive chunks but nice little slivers. Good impact generally has the golfer with a flat back of the lead wrist, a slightly forward leaning shaft and pressure moving into the lead foot. Correctly achieving these things at impact is much easier if you understand how to correctly use the ground. Golf lessons using Boditrak is a great way to truly understand how you move.

Other notably devices being used to improve performance include;

  • Launch Monitors – such as Flightscope and Trackman
  • GravityFit – ideal for warmup, postural awareness and creating good movement patterns

I look forward to seeing you on the practice tee next week and would love to help improve your impact.

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