The new Rules of Golf have now been in effect for three weeks and we feel it is important to remind you of the changes.  Please refer to the flyer below (or click on the link below) and note that these are the ONLY changes that have been implemented at Mount Lawley Golf Club.

There was an option for clubs to bring in a Local Rule in regards lost ball and capping scores in stroke rounds.  Neither of these Local Rules have been adopted at our club.

Hence, as in the past, if you lose a ball and have not hit a provisional, you MUST return to the place where you played that shot from and hit again.  YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO DROP A BALL ON THE EDGE OF THE FAIRWAY NEAR WHERE YOU THINK YOU LOST THE BALL.

Mount Lawley has also chosen to not implement the option to cap the score in stroke rounds.  So, as in the past, you must keeping hitting the ball until it goes in the hole.

CLICK HERE to view the flyer

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