Standard of Dress

As per the Mount Lawley Golf Club By-Laws:

Whilst it is acknowledged that evolving fashions make absolute guidelines impractical, our prime objective remains unchanged – that the standard of dress on the course and in the clubhouse reflects the status and dignity of the Mount Lawley Golf Club.

Members and guests must dress in a manner that is generally smart, clean, neat and respectful of our Club.

NOTE: The Director of House or his appointed nominee may, without prejudice, approve any attire that is considered appropriate for the occasion.

The following guidelines are regarded as minimum standards.  It is the duty of all members to ensure that both they and their visitors adhere to these standards.

On the Course and Practice Areas

Golf attire will consist of a collared shirt (including skivvies and mock turtlenecks), tucked into tailored slacks or shorts with short or long socks. Short socks must be predominantly white and visible above the shoe line, long socks must be kept up at all times.  Shoes are to be regulation golf shoes with soft or no spikes.  Metal spikes are not permitted.

Lounge Room

Smart casual, golf shoes not permitted.

Sportsman Bar

Smart casual or golf attire, golf shoes permitted.

Unacceptable Attire

The following are NOT permitted in or around the Clubhouse, on the course or practice areas.  (See note regarding Short Visits to the Club)

Track suits, brief, cargo or Bombay style shorts, shorts with a drawstring or elasticised waist, t-shirts, singlet tops or shirts that do not cover the shoulders.  Clothing bearing writing or advertising material other than small badges or logos.  Any type of open shoes, eg thongs or sandals.

Dress jeans and shoes without socks is deemed acceptable attire.

Dress Expectations for Presentations at Major Events

As these are the premier events on the Club’s calendar, with the winners’ names being inscribed on the honour boards, it is expected that all competitors will shower and change before the presentation as a courtesy to the sponsor and out of respect for the event and its traditions.

Short Visits to the Club

When visiting the club for a short period of time (ie 5-10 mins) to do business with the Golf Shop or the Office, or to collect equipment from the basement or locker rooms, it is permissible for members to be dressed in what could reasonably be deemed ‘acceptable street attire’ when judged by contemporary community standards.  This dispensation does not extend to entry into the bar, lounge and bistro areas, nor to the course and practice area.  Members should keep in mind the spirit of the Club’s dress rules and not abuse this privilege.