An issue I see all too many club members making is, under reading the break on putts (A new Golf Magazine study shows that golfers are massively misjudging the slope under their collective FootJoys, under-reading putts by a whopping 65 percent, on average.)

Under reading greens can obviously lead to you missing putts but it can also lead to making a poor compensatory putting stroke or requiring you to hit the putt at a greater speed than is required (or desired) for the ball to have the best chance of falling in the hole. Therefore under reading greens or not reading them well can well and truly make you a worse putter than you actually may be.

Take a look at the following photos which show a right to left putt on our top putting green and see if you think you would play this much break? This is a putt that I am sure most members would have hit hundreds of times whilst waiting to tee off (remember most would under read this by 65%)

What is that practice doing to your putting?

Keep an eye out for the next AimPoint Express Green Reading Clinic at Mount Lawley Golf Club and learn how to actually read greens – not guess.

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