Ensuring that your clubs are well fitted is critical if you want to play consistent golf. One of the main components I look for when fitting a golfer for new irons is getting their lie angles right.

A correctly fitted lie angle will help the golfer start the ball at the target

A lie angle on your club that is too upright will tend to start the ball to the left (for a right hand golfer) however golfers are very good at making compensatory moves and will start to adjust for this which can then negatively influence their longer clubs

A lie angle on your club that is too flat will tend to start the golf ball to the right and lead to compensations that will make it hard for the golfer to fly their longer irons correctly

An incorrect lie angle is not an issue due to the clubs contact with the turf but because of the tilt of the clubs loft this explains why an incorrect lie angle will have a greater effect on the shorter irons.

A good test to see if your lie angles are correct is to draw a straight line on your golf and then position the ball on the ground so that the line is vertical and at the back of the ball. Hit a shot and see what the mark looks like on your clubface, if it’s perfectly vertical your lie angles are ok, if it is tilted then your lie angles are incorrect for you. This can be checked for all your irons!

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