Lose Your Slice Challenge

This August Head Golf Professional Duncan Kegg is hosting a challenge to “Lose Your Slice”.

Book in for a Flightscope Golf Lesson and if your Slice is not gone in less than 6 shots you receive a sleeve of Titleist Pro V1’s for free *

What causes the ball to slice? A slice occurs when the ball is hit with an open clubface relative to the path the club is travelling on. Using Flightscope this is shown as a FTP to the right (Face to Path) the example here is a FTP that is 4.9deg to the right (right handed golfer) this causes the ball to spin on a tilted axis the example below shows 11.8deg to the right (think of an aeroplane taking off away from you and the pilot dips the wings down to the right—where would the plane fly? 

Book in for a Flightscope lesson and Lose Your Slice this August.

* Losing your slice in 6 shots is defined as your FTP is now closed (FTP to the left) and the Ball Spin Axis is to the left. The ability to maintain this and produce a “functional draw” may require more lessons and a commitment to practice the changes from the student.

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