Four Mount Lawley members have recently completed the first ever SuperSpeed Clinic and now join both PGA and LPGA players as golfers who have benefitted from training with SuperSpeed’s Overspeed training program.

Not only did these ladies train with the SuperSpeed sticks they also had their swing and interaction with the ground assessed using both Flightscope Dopplar Radar and BodiTrak Pressure Mat. This technology is now available for all golf lessons at Mount Lawley.

I’m pleased to announce all ladies had reported an increase in distance on course over the past two weeks and even though Friday was a cold afternoon not conducive to fast swing speeds all ladies recorded their fastest swing speeds. Dana Slater was our leading improver with a nearly 4 mile an hour swing speed gain with her driver.

Below is a small collection of some of the data collected during these clinics.

The next SuperSpeed 3 week clinics are due to start on Friday 21st July for Ladies and Saturday 22nd July for Gentlemen, Please visit the club website for bookings


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