If you watch golf, you may have noticed Adam Scott, Lydia Ko, and many more of the world’s leading professionals reading greens in a way we’ve never seen before. The Aimpoint Express green reading system is now wildly popular on tour, and spreading to the ranks of many amateur golfers as well. If you struggle reading greens, Aimpoint Express is the system that will drastically improve the way you putt!

The truth is, green reading is hard! We’ve all been tricked by those subtle breaks every once in a while, and have wished there was a way to overcome this. With Aimpoint Express, no matter who you are, you will be able to correctly read greens. Imagine if Lydia Ko or Adam Scott read every putt for you every time you played.

  • Aimpoint Express takes the guesswork out of green reading, and creates an environment of objectivity
  • More effective practice
  • Aimpoint Express is a tour proven green reading method 
  • Aimpoint Express improves your aim, and your stroke 

This is a side effect of using Aimpoint Express that most golfers may not realize. As a result of reading the greens correctly more often, you will naturally aim the putter better, and start the ball on your intended line more frequently. Most golfers don’t aim where they think they’re aiming, and most golfers also don’t read enough break in their putts. If you’re not reading the greens or aiming correctly, the only way to make a putt is to compensate in your stroke. If you use Aimpoint Express, and read the greens correctly, you will no longer need these compensations that cause day to day putting struggles!

AimPoint Express is available at Mount Lawley Golf Club in either private one on one sessions or as part of a group class. These group sessions are conducted regularly with the next one scheduled as part of “Golf Month” on Saturday, 29th October. Head Golf Professional, Duncan Kegg is Western Australia’s only Certified Instructor  and he looks forward to helping you with your Green Reading.

Please contact the Golf Shop to book in your lesson with Duncan today! Phone; 9271 4033


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