As part of our new member induction process at Mount Lawley I recently ran a series of putting clinics where our new club members worked through a series of drills that looked at the three main areas that go into making a golfer an elite putter. These three areas are:

  1. The ability to consistently start the ball on the intended line
  2. The ability to consistently hit the putt with the correct pace for the shot at hand
  3. The ability to read the greens well.

As you can see from the following photos I have a number of teaching tools that can help give an understanding (not shown is the Blast Motion tool) of technique that dramatically increases the golfers ability to achieve points 1 and 2 above. What ties all this together is the golfers ability to read the greens well, a golfer who does read the greens well will subconsciously adjust their stroke to try and start the ball on the right line – with practice this can very easily start to affect their consistency of stroke (particularly over different length putts).

Please take note I have a AimPoint Express Green Reading Clinic on the 30th June – CLICK HERE for more information. This clinic is available to the first 10 golfers who book in and is being run at the discounted price of $139.

I am available for putting lessons and as one of the leading putting coaches in Australia are ideally placed to help you improve this area of your game. As you can see from the attached photos a lesson on putting can be done indoors when the weather is poor – you could even have a coffee and a muffin whilst improving your game.

Book now and sought out your game on the greens.

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